Artist Statement

Today we live with flat, glowing rectangles that connect us to anything and everything, from our work to our dearest friends. It is an amazing time, and we are fortunate for the virtual connection at our fingertips. But we still need a mug for our morning coffee, a bowl to sit on the kitchen counter to cradle our fruit, and a vase for our flowers.

In my work, I strive to impart contemplative beauty to these real, solid objects we reach for and use every day. My pots are hand-thrown on a wheel, my designs hand-carved into the still-damp clay, my slips and glazes hand-applied to reveal strokes of my brush. My aim is to deliver the experience of a visually and tangibly rich surface quality, at once fragile and substantial, and most importantly, created by the hands of a real person.

I am influenced by many cultures and sources, including medieval architectural ornament, interlacing Celtic design, wallpaper patterns of the English Arts & Crafts Movement, 11th century Chinese carved vessels, and the things I see out my window. My designs are inspired by nature, and my renderings of classic motifs like leaves, flowers and birds, are stylized and almost cartoon-like, transforming timeless icons into designs that are whimsical and fresh.